Day Dreaming

I could have had the world. Damn, I already had the world. I have lived what I dreamed, I have already loved what should be loved, I have lived where I dreamed. I could have had the world. But the world went away and left me here. 7 billion people and I’m just a heavy, muddled shadow. I am the Midas in reverse. Everything I touch turns to shit. And now I gave up. I give up being happy, I give up trying. This is my story, this is my life. But I still live in the “what if”… I tried… That’s it, I’m tired.


Inability to Choose

Choice. Everyone has a choice. That’s what I tell myself, as I bear witness to the endless cycle of camouflaged slavery. The existence of slavery forces our country to reveal the unjust reality, of those within the African American (Black) culture; my culture. In reality, there are many occasions were black people don’t have a choice. The prevailing interpretation of choice, “The act of picking or deciding between two or more possibilities.”  God created humanity and blessed us with the ability to choose. We all have the ability to make and process decisions; however, blacks do not have the same possibilities to choose from. Not having two or more possibilities is where the problem lies. Options have been taken from us, because of the continuous cycle of slavery. Boundaries condemn and deny African Americans the right to choose, taking away any choice we once had.

Those who don’t understand my reasoning, or feel unsympathetic to this oppressed life style, are not exempt from having a superiority complex. As I’ve come to know the hand holding the whip, I’ve seen many people blame blacks for our enslaved mindset, “All black people have to do, is make a choice to be different. They need to stop being lazy, because they are no different than anyone else. Why do they think they deserve government assistance? Why are they all such violent criminals?”. Due to this kind of thinking, majority of my culture has fallen victim to these statistics.

Dear White People, I’d like to you invite you into the mind of the oppressed. Open your mind to the possibility, which is, your naive superiority syndrome has caused what is in effect. Your chains and whips, have become food stamps and welfare. Your corn fields and sugar plantations, have become ghettos and prisons. The repeated cycle of oppression, has become evidence. Proving black people don’t always have a choice to better our circumstances. Repeatedly having our choice striped away, allows me to believe, none of us are free until we are all freed. Freedom comes when a choice is available, “Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.” (Malcolm X)

Some people make it out of the ghetto; however, many fall victim to the struggle. A rare case of success, does not compare to the reality of oppression. For instance, a black student is deemed successful by the dominant white culture, who falsely identifies themselves with the student as equivalent. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. While still remaining sovereign, the dominant culture secures its position limiting the subject’s options. This includes supervision, conditions, and set boundaries, which ultimately voids the freedom and choice the student once had.

It is said, everyone has a choice. My opinion on the matter is hardly black and white. Truth is somethings will always be out of range for black people. Due to the boundaries set, we don’t have equal opportunity, which means we don’t have the same options. Conditions of choices rarely allow blacks to advance in today’s society. To say all people, have freedom of choice, is a terribly naïve state of mind. The freedom to choose is a privilege not granted to most of us, it is shown as history repeats its self, denying any possibility for change.

Invisible Man “The New Form of Slavery”

Slavery still exist in america. We as black people are slaves to society, victims of a white man’s ego and grip. Old slaves were killed for reading and the new slaves wouldn’t read if it killed them. This is an example of how mentally malnourished we’ve become. I look out upon my fellow slaves I seen chains. The chains I speak of are not easily seen, but nonetheless they are physically and mentally defeating.

I went to see a man in prison and gave him these words

Invisible man who do you think you are? I mean your invisible as you lie behind bars, a cage placed on you by society. Trapped you crumble under the man’s foot. I stand watch as you try to satisfy that undying hunger to break free, reaching out for equality and peace, but at last you just get beat. Torn and ripped from your family; mother, daughter, & wife, now they have to fight. Fighting for a cause that will never sadly end. You see Mr. Invisible the world we live in is an unholy place, and that is why the caged bird sings.  We live in a world where people get strung up and shot down,  because of pigmentation. You say you pray, but as James said faith without works is dead, so stand up and fight for your freedom and loved ones. The mind is a battlefield, the enemies have crossed all lines, now is the time to stand up and fight back. Get right with yourself, being that you have been given all the time of the world, this is the first step to justice in our forsaken world. You see they want us to be blind, fin for yourself without thinking of others, our others we must show them the way. They see you behind bars with open wounds and scars, so they seek revenge upon the hands that put you in. Others also go out and further corrupt wars destroying their homes and city streets, thinking that its equivalent with true defeat. We must stop this, out down our guns and take off our chains before we continue to end up in this God forsaken cage. Be open minded to what I say, because these words are unspoken among society today. If change does not come, your inevitable future and your childs will be behind these bars. Until the wrath of God heals our broke society we must fight in this world to be freed.

Being a slave is a lifestyle, some choose to live this way others fight to overcome. The issue of renewed slavery, is that welfare is rising, because it’s the government’s responsibility to keep chains on the oppressed people of our nation. It is our responsibility to know how to take a stand and fight for a free life. Being able to discern how to help and not hinder the lifestyle of the enslaved is a role both sides must seek to make a change.


#We are not free until we are all freed

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